The Washington Amateur Radio Traffic System (WARTS) net is a volunteer group of amateur radio operators who meet every day on a short wave radio frequency for the purpose of handling radiograms (traffic), free of charge, for the public. The WARTS net is part of the National Traffic System, which is sponsored by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the national organization for the Amateur Radio Service.

The WARTS net meets daily at 5:30 PM, Pacific Local Time on a frequency of 3975 kHz. This net handles formal written messages for the USA and Canada, plus foreign countries with which the U.S. has third party message agreements. To insure the smooth flow of traffic, liaison is maintained with other nets which comprise the National Traffic System.

WARTS Net Staff

The WARTS net is administered by a five-member board of directors from the four geographic areas of Washington State: Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest. The fifth member of the board is an at-large member. The WARTS net staff consists of a board of directors, net manager, assistant manager, secretary-treasurer, regular net control stations, and alternate net control stations.

Net Membership and Roster

All radio amateurs with license privileges for 3975 kHz are welcome to check in to the WARTS net. There are no dues. To help defray the expense of printing & mailing the net roster, plus sending get-well & sympathy cards, donations are appreciated. To become a member of WARTS and to stay on the roster, which is updated every month, a person needs to check into the WARTS net regularly.  The roster is available online in PDF format. You can get yours by clicking here.

If you are a member or  want to help support the the activities of the the net, you can send your donations  to: K7YR.