(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question One:

"Those stations wishing to become members of the W.A.R.T.S. Net are required to check in at least XXX times a for one month

To become a WARTS member and be placed on the roll call would be 8 check-ins for one month.

Question Two:

"THEN notify the Net secretary that you would like to be added to the roster."

Each person who has met the check-in requirements and wants to be listed on the roll call has the responsibility to notify the Net Secretary.  Notify the Asst. Net Manager by formal radiogram to be placed on the roster.

Question Three:

"Checking in at least XXX times per month for XXX months by each the listed member stations is our only requirement for continuous membership in this Net." [Each means every station at a common location]

The requirements to remain on the on the roll call would be 6 check-ins per month. Stations failing to check-in 6 times per month for any 2 month period, without a valid excuse, will be dropped from the roster.

Those who have a valid reason for not checking in will notify the net secretary by formal radiogram of this reason. (Illness, vacation over two months, snow- birds, extended business obligations, QTH move, broken radio, Etc.)

Question Four:

"All stations at a common location are required to meet the above requirements."

Presently in many cases the "Spouse" or other person(s) in a household either have never checked in or rarely do. Never checking in to the net does not afford them the training and knowledge to be of much use to the net in case of need. They just take up space on our roll call sheet. Its a slap in the face for those members who play be the rules to have a non-participant on the roll call.

The above check-in requirement also applies to each of the listed stations on the roll call. Therefore the net expects participation from each of the listed stations at a common QTH. There were 222 stations listed on the roll call in June 2007. There were 17 (family stations listed along side the main operator) or almost 8% of the total roll call.

2 spouse/family stations check-in on a regular basis.

5 spouse/family stations check-in once in a while.

10 spouse/family stations have not been heard from as long as anybody can remember.

Question Five:

"Should Technician license holders be allowed to be on the roll call by checking in, in person, under the control of a control operator, for training and they meet the nets stated check in policies?"

Only operators who are allowed to operate on 3975 kHz will be allowed to be on the roster. Others may be checked in as visitor stations in the appropriate place during the net.

Question Six:

How do we notify the people who have been dropped from the roll call because they did not meet check in requirements? Net Controls? Net Manager? QST? Net Secretary?

A list will be read as a QST by the net secretary one time at the beginning of each month along with a listing of the new members.