Washington Amateur Radio Traffic System 
(WARTS) Net 

The Parasite
(The Official Journal of the WARTS Net)

The Washington Amateur Radio Traffic System Net was founded by W7CKT, W7EPS, W7JVB and W7BBK on December 23, 1947. To those fine operators we owe a debt of gratitude.  The Net is posting old and new issues of the WARTS Net Newsletter the "Parasite" for all to read.

We will also be posting the "New Parasite" as it becomes available on this web site. We hope that you will all enjoy reading the news of yesteryear and today. Come back soon for more on the WARTS Net.

In The Beginning - poem written by *Harry, W7JWJ and Mary, W7QGP Lewis Life before WARTS - What really was happening by Harry, W7JWJ and Mary, W7QGP Lewis Setting the Stage - WARTS was founded on the principle that it would be a gathering place of stations in the Northwest who had a similar interest in life and who were genuinely interested in furthering the cause and upholding the true meaning of ham radio - Norm Ray, W7LFA

A Case History of the WARTS -After the close of World War II sections of the amateur bands were gradually returned to their normal occupants by  Harry, W7JWJ and Mary, W7QGP Lewis An Infant Emerges - By February 10, 1948 WARTS Net members were beginning to move their ECOs to 3970 kHz... 
by Harry, W7JWJ and Mary W7QGP Lewis
A Baptism by Water - The spring of year 1948 was especially warm and the snow began to melt in the high Cascades. The Army Corp of Engineers predicted that the Columbia River would crest at the mouth of the Yakima River near Richland, Washington by over two feet. The Corp was wrong, dead wrong...
by  Harry, W7JWJ and Mary W7QGP Lewis:

Ever wonder who was in on the "ground floor" of the WARTS Net? Here is the answer... WARTS Net Recognized - from the filed of THE TRI-CITY HERALD – JUNE, 1948 by
Harry, W7JWJ and Mary, W7QGP Lewis
WARTS Net and The Future -  A retrospective look at where WARTS Net has been and where it may go in future by 
Harry, W7JWJ and Mary, W7QGP Lewis

CQ CQ CQ this is W7CKT calling the Washington Amateur Radio Traffic System. This net meets every day except Sunday for the purpose of handling traffic and any station is invited to check in... Now the rest of story. By Harry Lewis, W7JWJ THE STATE OF HAM RADIO 20 YEARS AGO
October 2006 - “In a membership organization like ours, no responsibility of an officer or director is is greater than the job of maintaining relations with our members.” Larry Price, W4RA, 1, ARRL President 
PARASITE  volume1 number 1
12 January 1948
Editor: Rylie W7CKT (SK) 

* Harry Lewis, W7JWJ - WARTS Net - Official Historian